Hurrengo Geltokia, ‘The next stop’

Hurrengo Geltokia, 'The next stop' Iban Zunzunegi 12mff
winner award
Country: Spain
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2015
Duration: 1 hr 39 min
Director: Spain
Edition: September 2015-2016
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For 50 years no one wanted to talk about the war, and today no one asks.

In a small village in Gipuzkoa, in the centre of the Basque Country, a group of young people started asking what happened during the war. How it started, who participated and especially who were those who lost the Civil War. And also wonder how were the later years of poverty and repression. It took 50 years to begin to tell what really happened. And in this village they began to talk…


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