Welcome to 12 Months Film Festival

23rd April 2015

Welcome to 12 Months Film Festival!A novelty festival grand event.

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We have the pleasure to open the 12 MONTHS FILM FESTIVAL (#12MFF), a hybrid designed to be much closer to film-makers than traditional film festivals from all the aspects including, special awards, film distribution and a list of benefits. Launching a film festival which is truly closer to everyone is an intention to improve this event together, inviting you to send your cool ideas and wishes for #12MFF.

We know very well what is the first thought of a film-maker who sends his creation to a film festival. It is the wish for his movie to reach a wide public and persist in their eyes, even after the festival has finished. Festivals are  a  best  place  to  meet  your  expectations,  not  to mention if someone important can discover you work. And as it happens all the time when a film festival ends, your film is forgotten, until the next film festivals you send. The difference between #12MFF and other film festivals stands in our strong focus in internet public. We run qualification events every month, such taking place on the world of on-line, captivating the interest of new visitors and #12MFF existing fans. Each entry you submit, will have its own web page and will be listed in the #12MFF collection of movies, depending if you accept your movie to be watched for free instead of just a trailer, or to qualify for our pay-per-view network, where you can earn from.

Our pay-per-view network is under construction, but will be soon available along the expansion of our festival. We are international and behind the #12MFF stands a dedicated and skilled team, passionate to build the best film festival ever we can all enjoy. Our desire is different from being just a local event, but to become a global phenomena open to any movie enthusiast around the world. Your valuable creations must meet a way called as public display, but not only the ordinary exhibit through another film festival. Therefore, our main goal is that #12MFF to turn into a world-wide bridge between the world’s public and the film-makers.

Our #12MFF is little so far, but came a long way, just from a simple idea to solve a problem that we experience too. Because we are film-makers and we know no chance to stop here, until we won’t achieve the solution we told you about. Mentioning again that, you can help as well, if you have any idea. Just use the contact page and send your ideas which can improve a whole event. We are open to public suggestions.

The #12MFF has begun and we are waiting for your great movies! Click here to submit now.

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