#12MFF September Edition Open for Submissions

1st September 2015


The end of summer holly-days? The beginning of autumn. Hmm.. a new season is coming with it colourful peisage which represents a painting of the nature. Easy and slowly the life returns to its normal course and now we announce the opening of the september qualification edition of the 12 Montsh Film Festival!

Well again, August has qualified 3 movies for the anual #12MFF Grand Edition! and awarded lots of movies who submitted! The August results will be available this week, right here! And if your movie still was not selected in the first 3 winners of this months, you still have another chance in the September qualification edition. Submit now here! We have a long way, a lot of awards and many chances for you, so prove that your movie is the best!

We can help you, by telling what your movie needs to shift itself in the final 3 positions, by our movie improvement service: We have a broad involvement in cinematography and we can deliver for your movie a detailed document in which we can point technical, filming and story casting mistakes; we can provide solutions and tell you how they should be approached, from an objective perspective. It is important for your filmmaking career to be pro-active and willing to learn more, to cast better creations. A great movie is easily distinguished from dozens of movies and what makes that movie to be so good is not a magical thing, but it is the attention to the little details, professionalism and the broad knowledge and experience behind which can be achieved by you!

The full list of services is here:
– > web-design and coding (small projects: portfolio website or for your movie; large projects: complicated websites such as companies, shop etc.)
– > complete graphic design (logo; print design, social media cover design etc.)
– > reviews and improvement support for your movie as well tagline and synopsis;
– > and 12MFF can make the trailer for your movie!

We are not just a film festival, but we are close to all your needs. Just let us know if you have any suggestion by clicking here. Your word is important!

Don’t forget to read the rules of #12MFF (under submissions section).

With kind thanks #12MFF,
Happy submitting!

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