A new edition open for movie submissions…

31st January 2016


What happened in January for you? How’s your New Year Resolutions going now? I guess your are doing great and getting more amazing art done for your public. We are excited to see your new creations, so the February qualification editions is not open for submissions.

And, if one of your movie was not qualified in the first 3 for the April Grand Event in one of the last qualification editions, it still has chances. This month can get you lucky, therefore, you can submit your film by clicking here.

We want to finish the article by inviting you to our services page which can be an advantage for you! If you are a filmmaker, you can get a poster for you film and also improvement support for your creation. Or if you are an ordinary person, have a look over the following list, because we have more:
– > web-design and coding (small projects: portfolio website or for your movie; large projects: complicated websites such as companies, shop etc.)
– > complete graphic design (logo; print design, social media cover design etc.)
– > reviews and improvement support for your movie as well tagline and synopsis;
– > and 12MFF can make the trailer for your movie!

We are not just a film festival, but we are close to all your needs. Just let us know if you have any suggestion by clicking here. Your word is important!

Don’t forget to read the rules of #12MFF (under submissions section).

With kind thanks #12MFF,
Happy submitting!

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