Alain Chamfort – Linoléum (by Niki Noves) review

15th August 2019

In our most recent edition, the video directed by Niki Noves, entitled Alain Chamfort – Linoléum, managed to gain the admiration of the jury and win 1st place in the video of the month category. Well, it should be mentioned that in judging this category of audiovisual products, a number of elements that we will discuss in the following are taken into account.

Probably, such materials should get more and more attention of the public, of society in general, due to the degree of conceptualization both in the melodic line through the sound effects and in the visual sphere, putting our imagination and senses to the test. We see how the song is not a simple combination of instruments on a certain rhythm, accompanied by a series of lyrics. The melodic line is carefully constructed from a mix of experimental, ambient sounds, which build a certain atmosphere. We enter the world of this character who describes himself as “the first of men, with the chromosomes of the last crocodile”. A dual character, who leads an inner struggle and who finally manages to find a harmony portrayed by the interaction between the characters. Interaction that transforms during the video, from fight to dance.

The end of the video goes back to our origins, showing us that this “struggle” and this inner dance of man, tempered by social hardships with
“linoleum skin” that does not allow anything to enter, finish when the character “dies”, and virtual reality of the inner world in which this “struggle” and “dance” took place becomes a window into the past, to the first people who bravely stepped into the fog and unknown.

The video excels, as I mentioned, both by the author’s ability to visually interpret the song, bringing a new dimension to the lyrics, and by the ability to formally abstract an inner struggle regardless of the valences related to personality, gender or race.

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