Daddy’s girls

27th February 2016


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Movie review: Daddy’s girls

One of the last received films from the authors is Daddy’s Girls with the original title of Las Nenas De Papá. Watching this film, will slowly bring us in a intimate and a controversial universe of a father who looses his girls in a car accident.

The presentation of the story becomes more than a simple cinematography tale, in an audio-visual manner. We are brought in the reflection of the inner world, where our protagonist still lives his drama. Being drawn into harmful substances, wishing to forget the painful events, he starts to hallucinate, where he eventually tries to commit suicide.


A very interesting fact is the author’s desire to evolve the situation on multiple plans; where the first is when the main character lives his life in his obscure apartment. The second is conveyed by the hallucinations he has, where flash-backs of the living memories come in, with the moment when he meets again with his daughters, but also elements which are separated from the main story. The last one is the part where he tries to commit suicide, which transmits the correlation between the death of his daughters in the car accident and the death of his inner-self.

The film becomes a gate to the inner world, a world of emotions and suffering which we experience the same time the character lives it.

A glitch we can distinguish in the film is the choice of the football field as the “meeting” location with his daughters, during the bouts of hallucination.

This location, by itself, does not allow the film to become credible, since there is no association there with psychotic or beyond reality effects, and nevertheless, such place is something common by the ensemble of sounds and visual elements.

As the conclusion, Daddy’s Girls is a highly expressive film which will be surely loved by the drama consummers from around the world.

review by Alexandru Vlad

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