Movie review: Depression

19th January 2016


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Watching this debut film by Russell Giacometti, I tried to understand his motivation for the art in general and as well for the audio-visual arts. I appreciated the fact that he tried to materialize a concept with no resources or no budget, when this is what’s all about, since art manifests itself no matter the situation.

In his production, which is suggestively called „Depression”, he tries to convey this human state and to show the way it manifests itself in a most clearest and the most personal way possible. He uses to make reference to the daily life with its ordinary activities, putting the emphasis on his own gray universe, which is built on a state of depression. Something that is remarkable here is the dual composition of the narration, where an alter ego always tries to interfere with the situation, into pushing him out of this chronic state.

A common issue which is present in most of the debuting films and which makes the subject seem implausible while implementing a theoretical concept, happens from the lack of scene lighting, but also from the lack of no inadequate locations for filming, where these elements are meant to support and convey the presented idea in a realist manner. Also, the filming angles, the joining of the sequences and the usage of the non-diegetic sounds in the soundtrack, are some elements that need to be reviewed through a careful study of the audio-visual art expression, more exactly the literature in the domain.

As a conclusion, I want to encourage all the steps taken in the direction of the audio-visual arts, where I believe that any proposed subject, like the one used by Giacometti, have a real potential to become a piece of art; and to repeat myself, strongly advising all audio-visual creators and enthusiasts to take into consideration the theory that stand behind these creation we all enjoy.

review by Vlad Alexandru

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