Movie Review: Duet

11th January 2016


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Where thousands and thousands of people flow daily into the complex web of streets and alleys of the big metropolis which becomes more and more crowded, the pursuits, the love and the fantasies that we humans have, are becoming an utopia. The lack of individuality and the constant main-stream politics that are applied onto various social groups, push all together to a shallow life style. Few are those who truly wish something, which isn’t a subliminal inherited desire or goal. But, the movie we talk about does not look as described here.

The film that’s called Duet, brings into the light a character who never gave up on his belief, that through thousands of passive peasants, there’s truly a person that can make him feel complete and with which, he can transcend into an ever imagined absolute spiritual height.

We can observe the attention which, our film creator puts into the female character, through associating her with the high value status. And she, descends and stretches him the hand, to raise him from the daily trance and mediocrity, in crafting together a choreography. This picture makes reference to what I described earlier, that even if that female character is somewhere on the streets, finding and connecting with her at a higher level becomes an utopia in this ever busy and ever crowded society. As well, the alternation between the black & white vs. color film sequences, simply denotes the portrait of the big city, which has a lack of colors and authenticity.

The film follows with a sequence which depicts a duet of knowing and discovery, whom those two protagonists will foster in a complete harmony, sprinkled with mystical, rhythmic sounds of clocks that indicate the passing of time. We can observe the film sequences’ continuity, that invites us, the spectators, deep into their intimate world, that’s forged into the closeness and distancing of those two. They check on each other, they meet, they touch, they complete each other without the need to look in the eyes, but knowing they are there when they need each other.

The end of this film sequence, is a transition from the stage of knowing and discovery into a stage of fulfillment, where they can sincerely look into their eyes and they can truly recognize each other. And the path walked through this dance of the discovery and knowing has bear into an absolute ever desired unity. However, the best things do not last, and the men comes to realize that he was living a dream, being waked up by the sounds of the crowded metropolis.

Duet manages to surprise us through its simplicity and through the stage-manager’s coherence, recalling into spectators the question they left behind in their long and chaotic walks on the urban streets.

This review was written by Alexandru Vlad, the #12MFF Director

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