Movie review: Node – A time travel journey through symbols

1st September 2015

Node by Engin Poyraz

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Node – A time travel journey through symbols

Does human life has any meaning? how can one successfully alter his destiny and prospers to delude himself by excellence, only in the meaning that all the things will eventually work, without even bothering to change his current life situation. This is the story depicted in the movie called “Node” told by a fisherman who spent his whole life journey in a fisherman’s locality.

There is no better way how “Node” manages to illustrate this relationship between the actual human being and his inner-self, observed in a time space and a manner where destiny is always influenced by the previous actions he took. As the film simultaneously shows the fisherman’s all three stages of life such as the childhood, the adulthood and the old age, they are carefully combined in film sequences, which by their poetical traits become cinematography leitmotifs.

As the film begins, we can observe a first cinematography symbol which is a tree, the classical symbol of life depicted undulated by the burdens of time. The motion of branches recalls us about the everyday cycles of life, further symbolized in the motions of the fishing wire and the waves of water.

Therefore, these symbols give meaning and presence to the film, as the boat which by its own existence is a basic element in a fisherman’s life, but represents the journey that the young fisherman had since youth to his old age. He is shown watching the sunset that portrays the same road described previously.

Another symbol which is covered by the author in a careful rigor, is the rope. The child use it to tie the boats at a place, to avoid losing them in a potential storm. A point which can be well distinguished is the intention of the author to put emphasis on the concept of a built life through the previous action took since childhood. The child is filmed when he unties a boat which remembers how people have fished in excess, where the population of fishes need time to regenerate. The untie of the boat will assure a continuity of the fishing custom in the region.

The world will always change and evolve no matter what. But a very important aspect is that the evolution has its own roots in our conservative nature of self beings. Our capability to distinguish the good from the bad and the ability to conserve and cultivate fruitful actions, that following generations won’t need to repeat the consequences of our mistakes which is the message of the film “Rode”, passed to the public in an excellent manner.

This review was written by Alexandru Vlad, the #12MFF Director

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