Movie review: Voice from the Wilderness

11th March 2016

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Voice from the Wilderness

Once again, I had the pleasure to watch a new documentary which is suggestively entiled as the Voice from the Wilderness. It may be about my field in the documentary movie production that makes me to feel closer to this genre, or could be the rich content of information that the creators, our fellow professionals, proposed for the big and for the small screens.

Something important I noticed is the way this genre succeds into reviving from its own ashes, coming with a new and an original story for the screen, a new slice of life. The world we live in is made of those slices of life which we are also living the same time with our protagonists.

The Voice of Wilderness tells the story of the world we live in, listening to Robers J. Long, one of the enthusiastic lovers of nature, ecology and of the documentary genre, a profession he has accepted since the beginning of his career.


While listening what Robert has to share with us, I feel the same call that I felt when I chose to study the documentary genre. Listening about the way his life pushed him towards this carrer, or better said to the rest of his life, becomes fascinating to watch and to understand that beyond our choices, we are a choice of our life and we are not the ones who choose a life.

These philosophical monologues on the evolution and the involution of the society along with the apocalyptic perspective, we head towards, raise many questions about who we really are and what should we expect from our future.

Robert looks back nostalgically to the days of his youth, where he and his friend used to pass riding their bikes through the nature. A world he wished to dissect in a way we call all learn from.

The first contracts, the graduation from the faculty and the other stages of his life, supported by the personal archive of images, such as the interviews with his wife will slowly unveil not only a passionate world that Robers lived and still lives, but also the way he discovered the world we live in.

The simple life of the nature depends on our actions, which puts it into an irreversible damage.

I recommend and I invite you to this documentary and I also thank to Jason Briski for offering me the opportunity to discover this wonderful story.

Vlad Alexandru,

director of 12MFF

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