Country: Spain
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2019 - July
Duration: 60 minutes
Director: Anna Maria Martin Torrents
Edition: November 2019
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5-2=7 gathers together the experience and memories of people who are blind and deaf. The protagonists share their concerns and their needs. Also, their abilities. Relatives, carers and professionals add to the narrative. All of them contribute to shedding light on a sensory disability which is both unique and invisible: the combined loss of vision and hearing. 5-2=7 presents different realities and different profiles. Deaf-blindness is incredibly heterogeneous but, in all cases, it implies difficulty in terms of mobility, access to information and communication. Each case has different requirements and the necessary resources must be made available to each individual so that they are all able to enjoy the greatest independence possible: the utmost expression of freedom. 5-2=7 is a social documentary which also educates about audio-visual accessibility. The production includes audio-description, subtitles and sign language interpretation. 5-2=7 is a positive outlook, because light can certainly fill a life of silence and darkness.

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