And Around And Around

short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction,, Portugal
third award
Country: Portugal
Category: Experimental
Release date: 2016 - July
Duration: 03 min
Director: Carlos Coelho Costa
Edition: March 2018
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And around… and around… and around… Processes of territorialisation, de-territorialisation, re-territorialisation Passing, whether physically or virtually, through space, is a process of the construction of knowledge, whose movements can be recognised as a practice of intertwining – performative movements that foster, in a certain space-time, the becoming of new orders; movements that are perceived as forms of territorialisation, de-territorialisation, re-territorialisation. Through the movement of territorialisation, a reordering of relationships with space is perceived, in the sense of an appropriation of the territory, whilst de-territorialisation is defined as a loss of relationships or of the signs of its appropriation. The movement of re-territorialisation presupposes the revisiting, or re-appropriation of the territory, giving back or attributing new meanings to it. “And around… and around…and around…” constitutes a body of experienced possibilities and in the meantime the possibility of new constructions.

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