And their faces will be painted

Country: Norway
Category: Experimental
Release date: 2017 - December
Duration: 03 min
Director: Elin Glaerum Haugland
Edition: March 2018
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A hillside behind a field of grass. A strange sound. Wind instruments. Suddenly a human figure appears in front of the hillside. The figure is walking towards the camera. It is a woman. It is quiet again. On her way forward, the woman becomes double, the colors change, what is happening? The strange sound is back. Then things go back to normal, and she continues forward. Right in front of us, she stops. The sound of the wind is suddenly strong. Her face is painted with patterns, maori warrior paint with female symbols. She bends her head backwards and as she reveals her bare throat covered in stripes, the sound is back, the wind instruments, and her face is double, vague, the colors are different. When she looks forward again, staring at us, she seems normal again. She looks to one side, then the other. Her face returns to face us, and the gaze is intense. In the same moment the colors change, the sound is strong, the gaze intense, and then, all is black.

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