12mff, feature fiction, movie, short, fiction, documentary, feature documentary, animation, experimental, Poland
third award
Country: Poland
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2017 - February
Duration: 10 minutes
Edition: May 2019
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Ania written, filmed and co-directed by Dóra László-Gulyás portrays a young woman with Asperger’s syndrome, who faces the difficulties of the world with the help of her Service dog Lucky. Ania dreams of going to art school, so when she receives a notification from her school to be, she cannot wait for the news. She decides to go fetch the letter on her own. Unfortunately, her four legged companion is not allowed to enter the post office, and she has to deal with the situation alone. When she gets a tantrum, luckily her friend runs to her rescue regardless, to clam her down. Although the situation does not end well, girl and dog get separated temporarily, it does not stop Ania. She never gives up. Girl and dog eventually unite.

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