Anibal. Right a Dead

12mff, feature fiction, movie, short, fiction, documentary, feature documentary, animation, experimental, Argentina
winner award
Country: Argentina
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2017 - September
Duration: 1 h
Director: MEKO PURA
Edition: May 2019
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Anibal Disanti, a man without eagerness for greatness, with nobility day by day. An argentine man as a reed, folded but not broken. Around 1950 he confronted to “El Mono Gatica”, the glory of having faced the champion, have perfumed his life. However misfortune soon made itself present, and fate that always gives and removes, Disanti having confront with Storti. The boxing stadium is full of people, blow goes and blow comes over the ring, Storti falls down one and more times. The boxing judge does not stop the fight, the crowd elated, and death that is not made beg, crown the pain night. Gatica, Disanti and Storti remain together forever.

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