second award
second award
Country: Germany
Category: Experimental, Musical
Release date: 2016
Duration: 10 mins
Director: Toby Wulff
Edition: March 2015-2016
Official site:
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AX.APE is an experimental short by Toby Wulff.

In the first part up to min. 4.00 it seems to be a dance performance video, but as longer the watcher is following the dancers performance he is realizing that things are not normal. The watcher is getting more and more part of it and start diving with the dancer into the light and dark spheres of several dream worlds.

The visual and acoustic compositions as well as the performance of the dancer Ichi Go in AX.APE are created out of the moment. X is the symbol for interchangeability and obscurity. APE stands for the elemental force, which is is also a symbol for the strength to move between different (dream) worlds.

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