Category: Drama, Fiction
Release date: 2017
Duration: 10:52
Edition: October 2017
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I would like to explore the aspects of sexuality, morality and honesty against the backdrop of Middle Eastern Society. The idea of the film is to look at the consequences of a Middle Eastern girl to lose her virginity before marriage.


23 year-old Amina was engaged to Esam. They are due to get married under the customs of their families and nationality. Because Amina loved Esam she yielded to his sexual desires and lost her virginity before they were married. This is, traditionally, not tolerated by most Middle Eastern countries. After one year of engagement Esam went to Afghanistan to fight for freedom. He was, subsequently, killed in action. Amina was devastated by this news and did not know what to do.


After a couple of years she became engaged again, giving her a chance for happiness again. She told her new fiancé, honestly, about having lost her virginity. He became upset and enraged, blaming her, and he left her. She was heartbroken and she faced a difficult period of her life. She was faced with a dilemma. She had been honest but lost the respect of her man, who regarded her as a cheap woman. She knows that the majority of Middle Eastern men desire to marry a virgin. The only way for her is to endure an operation to reverse the physical effect of the loss of her virginity.


Eventually she married another Middle Eastern man. During the first night of their marriage he was led to believe that she still had her virginity. Amina now feels deep guilt, having misled and cheated her new husband. She realised, that to be able to marry such a man she would have to cheat.


The question posed is whether we call her a victim, because she is subject to the strict traditions of their families, or do we call her dishonest because she hid the truth from the man she loved, or do we call her a passionate lover, because she gave herself, completely, to her first man, out of love, making the most difficult sacrifice with the gift of her body and love.

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