short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction, documentary, Argentina, Bolivia
winner award
Country: Argentina & Bolivia
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2017
Duration: 23 min
Director: José David Apel
Edition: January 2018
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Within the framework of the eighth edition of the International Workshop of Script of Bolivia Lab (July 2016), Daniel, a Santa Fe documentary filmmaker, asks the director of this documentary (who participated in that event) to take advantage of his trip to the Bolivian city to capture Images and essential sounds of the daily life of the Andean country; To portray its customs, its landscapes and its trajinar in a land full of nuances. After making the trip from the city of Santa Fe, passing through Tucumán, the province of Salta, Jujuy, the arrival in Villazón, Tupiza, Oruro and Cochabamba; At the moment of portraying the view of the city of Cochabamba from above, at the foot of the Christ, the cameraman suffers the theft of his equipment and his belongings by two armed criminals.

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