Country: Spain
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 15 min
Director: Maria Sanchez Teston
Edition: February 2017
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One day in the life of Marcelino and Leo can make you suffer an intense cephalea. Leo and Marcelino live in the country; they’re old and can manage to live on their own. Their daughters and grandson Toño are really worried in the distance and convinced that they should spend their old age in a nursing home. In front of their grandson and daughters, this couple makes such a big lie about their lives to avoid leaving the house where they have shared all their marriage. This afternoon, their grandson Toño is coming to give them a big surprise. But in this story of meetings, conjuction of interests, crazy generational dialogue and mutual colaboration and assistance, there are as many surprises and lies as there is weed.

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