short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction, experimental, Canada
winner award
Country: Canada
Category: Experimental
Release date: 2017 - February
Duration: 5 min
Edition: December 2017
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A 35-year old pregnant female, Angela, lies down on a reclining bed in a hospital room. She waits for her physician to come in and talk to her about her caesarean section. The anaesthesiologist walks into the room and explains the procedure to her and gets her consent. He asks her to bend over and adjusts the way she sits so he can do the epidural block. As he approaches her, he hears a voice telling him to stop. The anaesthesiologist looks around but sees no one in the room other than his patient and the nurse. He thought he was imagining this voice so he tries again to do the epidural injection only this time he hears the voice speaking louder telling him to stop what he is doing or he’ll kill Angela and himself. The anaesthesiologist is surprised and does not know what is going on. He asks “Who is this? Is there someone else in the room?” That is when the voice talks back and says “I am Bennett, Angela’s son. If You try to do this operation and force me to come to earth, I’ll kill both of us”.

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