Cotton Spiderweb and the Doxa

12mff, movie, film, animation, documentary, fiction, short, experimental, feature, feature fiction, music video, Spain, Brazil
second award
Country: Brazil & Spain
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2016 - June
Duration: 18 minutes
Edition: March 2019
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In a poetic and even philosophical way, fiction and reality are mixed in this film that addresses and questions various aspects that involve modern life. When one can not escape a pre-established model of power over people’s way of life, where diversity and even freedom, it gives way to a Cartesian, hermetic, square system, filled with chemicals, pesticides, airplanes spraying the Sky, and cotton flakes flying through the air. By observing and researching these things, an environmentalist girl feels persecuted and spied on for questioning what seems to be unanswerable.

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