Danube, Three Faces, Prelude for Two Brothers

Country: France
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2014
Duration: 26 mins
Director: Jean Seban
Edition: November 2015-2016
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To paint a portrait is to paint life, a fragile life that contains in its splendor the mechanics of its fall. To paint a portrait is to paint somebody dying.

To paint a portrait is also to knowing that the painting telling this life will exist after the disappearance of it, knowing that this depiction, tiny witness of a life, will later take the place of life. Designed in a lightning haughtiness, the portrait will often be contemplated only in its anecdotic living.
A man had to do a film, a portrait on men in canoes
But already he is afraid of leaving, of drowning. He had before all, to slow down the year, slow down the year in order to not choose between the stars of the river and the sparkling china of the sink.

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