Dasein Shailik Bhaumik 12mff
Country: India
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 2 hr 22 min
Director: Shailik Bhaumik
Edition: August 2015-2016
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“DASEIN” is a narrative, live action feature film. It tells the story of a young painter Aniket Chatterjee, who committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. When he was slowly approaching towards death, different thoughts and images (Memories, dreams or nightmares) came in to his mind.

Aniket was born and brought up in an upper middle class traditional Bengali family. His father used to stay out of home most of the times due to business. His mother was his entire world. She was his only friend and life line. In one silent noon, little Aniket found his mother hanging from the ceiling. He was afraid to find the death seen in her. Since then Aniket started his journey alone. Aniket was imaginative by nature since his boyhood. He created his own world with the birds, flowers, bees and butterflies. He had generous curiosity on God and Death. He couldn’t find anything beautiful or up lifting about his mother’s going back to God. He always wanted to sense the death; he wanted to meet it tranquilly because he believed, that’s where the immortality was truly hidden.

Aniket was grown up like an orphan. He had become a painter. At his college Aniket met Hrittika. They had fallen in love with each other. They were having pleasant moments together.

Aniket’s father at his old age got married to a young lady, Anu. Anu was from a poor family and she was compelled to get married to the old man. So naturally she was not happy. Aniket was apathetic about his family. He was occupied with his creative world.

Anike’s father was busy in his business. Most of the times he used to stay away from home. Anu had to stay alone at home the whole day. At a time, Anu developed love for Aniket. Aniket came to know about it and he tried to avoid her. But at a time Anu’s affection for Aniket became wild. She offered her love to Aniket forgetting their social relationship. Initially Aniket rejected her, but finally he couldn’t control himself to have physical relation with her.
Aniket, Hrittika along with four other friends went out for a trip to “Tajpur”. At Tajpur forest they lost one of their friends “Simi”.

In the meantime, Anu became pregnant from the accidental intimacy with Aniket. She informed Aniket about it and begged him to accept her. Aniket became angry and he insisted her to get aborted. Finally they did it.
Aniket met a young lady painter Ipshita at the Art gallery. They became friends. Aniket shared his views on art and aesthetic theories. He also discussed about his dream, his freedom and his concept of salvation.
Ipshita theft his concept and won the award in an important competition. Aniket was defeated in that competition by her.
Aniket’s father guessed about Anu’s affection to Aniket and he asked Aniket to leave the house. Aniket left the house accordingly. After that Anu became a mental patient from the shocks and she was sent to an asylum.
On the other side, in one fine morning, Hrittika told Aniket that she had been realised that she actually never had love for him and finally they broke up the relationship.
Aniket had passed through all these darkness in life. God had played with his whole life but still he was not ready to let the God win. He took his own life to prove that “death” was in his own hand and God didn’t have any control over it. Finally he found his salvation through death.


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