Dignity Monica Mazzitelli 12mff
winner award
Country: Italy
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2015
Duration: 31 min
Director: Monica Mazzitelli
Edition: July 2015-2016
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Twenty girls grow up in an orphanage called “O Viveiro” (“the nursery”, in Portuguese), building their lives one millimeter per day, in the miserable and unhealthy town of Chitima, in Mozambique. Orphan or poor, or both, they get an opportunity to invest in themselves, learn knowledge or professions, re-educate to receiving affection, set fractures of what past experiences have shattered. Not all of them succeed. “Dignity” narrates without rhetoric these girls and young women’s stories, their epic, their poetry, their falls, their success. But above all their splendor. Elegant and powerful photography to show the inner beauty of the girls. Their ability to grow strongly from nothing, like flowers in the desert; stories are narrated mostly through their words, their need to pass on the story of themselves, create their own myth-making. A documentary about the possibility of dignity for women, for all women, in Africa and elsewhere.

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