Dirty Beautiful

second award
Country: United States
Category: Feature Fiction, Comedy
Release date: 2015
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins
Director: Tim Bartell
Edition: December 2015-2016
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David is a young, struggling writer very alone in the world. Kat is a lost soul recently left homeless by her ex. Both survive on the fringe of life. So when Kat storms into David’s life and throws out the crazy idea that they become an instant couple, David impulsively agrees and moves her into his tiny apartment.

After some wild ups and downs, they make their home into a cave. A safe haven away from the world. But their retreat is fueled as much by drinking and escape as affection. When fantasies of children and a “normal” life compete with their bohemian ways, things turn ugly. Out of their cave, in the sober light of day, can David & Kat’s love survive?

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