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second award
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Music Video
Release date: November 1, 2018
Duration: 4 minutes 16 seconds
Director: Wendy Lee Taylor, Aniez, Camilla Mathias
Edition: March 2019
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The long-awaited debut music video from British/Romanian polyglot polymath Camilla Mathias, is an anthem to admin and tech stress. The highly engaging song reflects on the pains and pressures of the modern-day administrative tasks and technical issues we all face each day; the overwhelm of system updates, algorithms and being stuck on hold. The track is simultaneously provocative, entertaining and inspiring, inviting us to go beyond the constraints of a screen, machine or internet connection, beyond our dependence on technology; unleashing our inner (warrior) voice, thus opening ourselves up to expressing and communicating more fully and honestly. It might too provoke a change in lifestyle. Or, it might simply provide reassurance and a few moment’s stress-relief!

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