Dreams of the Last Butterflies

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Country: United States
Category: Fantasy
Release date: 2014
Duration: 9 min
Director: Zina Brown
Edition: May 2015-2016
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Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a live-action ‘dark faerie tale’ short film with an urgent environmental message. A tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing, as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves.

Combining otherworldly costumes, epic faerie-tale poetry, cutting-edge cinematography, and a new song by electronic artist Kai Altair, it features stunning performances by tribal bellydancers, ballerinas, fire masters, contortionists, and a cast of New York City’s underground stars. Each Butterfly Queen represents an endangered butterfly from around the world, and together they enter human dreams hoping to save the last of their kind.

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