second award
Country: Spain
Category: Animation
Release date: 2019 - April
Duration: 07 minutes
Director: Isaac Martín Novials
Edition: November 2019
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In a family bustling with the unstoppable rhythm of society, parents have forgotten to pay attention to their son that since he started daycare at 6 months, he had to learn only everything that the path of life put him in front of. . When leaving work, his parents pick him up from his day of school activity, but still they do not stop attending to their cell phones, full of messages, calls and all the activity of their social networks that take them almost all afternoon. It is the only time Andres has to be with his parents, and forget for a few hours of the situation he suffers. Time that fades every day. A family that does not share a minute of conversation a day, follow their lives surrounded by mobile phones, television and information that does not let them know each other or themselves. With 8 years old, Andrew lives a disastrous incident at school, not knowing how to defend himself. After that, seeing their parents a flashy TV ad, they discover DRONEWORLD. They realize that their son is going through a difficult time in their life and they decide to get down to work, to give him all their support. Since that day, Andres has the most sophisticated Drone and with his parents. An accurate story that approaches the possible reality that today’s children can live. Children like Andrew, who, alone, must learn what to do or not do at certain moments of their lives, fighting against each other for no reason and having to prove who is the best and strongest at every moment, because they have not received the learning, the company and the support of the adults they have around them.

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