Country: Spain
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2019 - June
Duration: 103 minutes
Director: Luis Alejandro Fernández-Jardón
Edition: November 2019
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In 1314 the Knights Templar were outlawed and persecuted unto death. Before disappearing altogether, many of their members fulfilled the holy mission of hiding relics of an immeasurable power in order to keep them away from the hands of the enemy. 700 years later, Jorge, a cartoonist, comes across one of these amazing objects, the golden bracelet. This finding triggers off a series of events that bring back ancestral dark forces which Jorge will have to fight against. In this way, Jorge, along with his best friend Mario and the girl who constantly ignores him, are in charge of continuing the Knight Templar’s holy mission to save the destiny of humanity. Inspired in the Legend by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer ?The Golden Bracelet?.

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