second award
Country: Spain
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 19 min
Director: Carlos Ocho
Edition: September 2016-2017
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Felix is a 29 years old boy who is very well work positioned , he is good-looking, he has a nice apartment, a pretty girlfriend and good health … he has everything, but even so, he is ??not happy. His girlfriend Rachel tries to support him showing him all of her self-help knowledge. One night, when she can no longer try, she decides to give him a picture that she saw one day in facebook, which is called “The ritual of happiness” which contains 12 steps to be happy. That drawing assures that if you have faith in life and ask the universe you can learn what things can make you happy and happiness will come to you by following these 12 steps, then you will be able to leave sadness inside aside and begin to be happy at last. The next morning, everything will start to change in Felix’s life.

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