winner award
Country: Spain
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2017 - August
Duration: 52 minutes
Director: Eduardo Moratalla
Edition: November 2019
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Diego Pons, is one of the best-known Spanish-speaking travel videobloggers. After receiving the #BlogueroGold award, which recognizes the best travel blogger of the year, decided to use his prize money to undertake the most ambitious trip he has ever made.  It’s been 30 years since he left Uruguay to build a better future in Spain, now he decided to spend the year changing again with his parents, Adela and Ricardo. These 85-year-olds are shocked when Diego tells them that he has decided to take them on an adventure of his dreams, to visit the Maya Riviera. The three embarked on a journey full of adventures, emotions, landscapes, places, flavors and very special people. Mexico and the Maya Riviera have been key to Diego’s success, and he wants his parents to enjoy it before it’s too late. It is his way of thanking his parents for the life they have given him. The viewer can travel with them and see the wonders of the Maya Riviera, but also understand the intense life of parents who suffered under the dictatorship in Uruguay, the emotions of an immigrant who crossed the Atlantic in search of a better life and finally, the universal feelings that accompany each person in their most important journey that each one can take, that of their own life.

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