Country: India
Category: Documentary
Release date: 28-06-2016
Duration: 00:24:27
Director: Sruti and Mugdha
Edition: September 2016-2017
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What is a nation but a construction of our imagination?
We have divided ourselves into 200 separate entities called “countries”.
These stories make us question the doctored identities that we have been brought up with. These nine people, who under the tenets of the Constitution of India are not Indian citizens, have observed the country like none of us can. Don’t their stories deserve a place in the making of India?
In times when the debate on nationality and patriotism has reached its culmination, the recent discourse is more about defining and excluding the ‘other’ rather than about finding and holding the common thread that links us all together.
Are these ‘expatriates’ patriots or will they always remain external to the constructed systems of our ‘great nation’?

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