winner award
Country: Italy
Category: Animation
Release date: 2016
Duration: 9 mins
Director: Davide Pellino
Edition: February 2015-2016
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In a universe conteined in a single room, a robot is programmed to execute the same routine of functions without any interruption. Every action, every movement, is part of a chain which keeps repeating an infinity of times, without a starting point, without a real end.

But what will happens if in an exact moment that robot could choose to break the sequence he lives in?

What if he can “choose to choose”?
Are we really free to do or to not do something, or every choice we made, every attempt to find an exit from the system is just leading us into antoher cicles of events?

Are we are 1 or a 0?

Are we really free to decide it?

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