short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction, documentary, Turkey
third award
Country: Turkey
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2015 - December
Duration: 30 min
Edition: October 2017
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People living in Turkey`s eastern Black Sea region, along with their traditions, unique lifestyle and uncommonly practical solutions for life, mostly take us into either deep thinking or hilarious laughter. Achieving the impossible requires an extraordinary self-transcending intelligence. Wit and stubbornness combined with creativity inavitabily make these local people perform extrtaordinary things. Metin Akinci (56) is bored from the city life and cannot resist the temptetion of moving back to the village of his childhood. One day, Metin leaves his two adult children and the wife behind and decides to settle in the village of a thousand metres high of Çamlýhemþin. Almost all of the houses in the village where his father and grandfather live are old and deserted.

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