Francesca Gaëna da Sylva 12mff
second award
Country: United States
Category: Musical
Release date: 2014
Duration: 4 min
Director: Gaëna da Sylva
Edition: July 2015-2016
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Francesca’ was inspired by the art and life of American photographer Francesca Woodman, who committed suicide by jumping out of an East Village apartment window on January 19, 1981, at the age of 22. Madden who lives in the Lower East Side / Chinatown neighborhood of New York City tell us, ‘Almost thirty years and now I’m looking down from a similar window’.

Captivated by the mysterious black and white photography of Woodman (which features herself), Madden echoes, ‘Ghostly images appear like gossamer blurred apparitions’.

‘Francesca’ was directed by art photographer and filmmaker, Gaëna da Sylva. da Sylva’s abstract poetic short films combine the magic of movement and static photography often using a multi-layered approach.

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