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Country: Israel
Category: Musical
Release date: 2015
Duration: 7 mins
Director: Yoav Gertner
Edition: February 2015-2016
Official site:
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Is absolute freedom absolutely good?

‘Freedom’ deals with the balance between the environment and the individual: Can an environment with guidelines and order creates the feeling of freedom in the individual? Does the absence of order and guidelines create anarchy? Rules and directions (within reason of course) seem to turn children into happier beings as opposed to children who grow alone and without guidance. Is it the same for all of us?

As a young creator I will testify that guidance, direction, inspirational sources and specific constraints support creativity and feed it. When having to create with the absence of all of those, without a starting point, with “everything possible” structure, it brings confusion and a feeling of being stuck in place.

The movie deals with the oxymoron of limited freedom, as in freedom that is naturally constrained, as opposed to absence of freedom when there are no laws.

At the center of the short story a woman observes and studies the influence of the environment on the sense of personal freedom and development of an individual.
She goes on daily journeys, cataloguing what she sees, hears and feels. She brings those to be researched in a lab, a controlled space where she thoroughly examines her experiences. In the space are three images that she manipulates, as an extension of her feelings and her emotional state.
In accordance with the progression of the experiment that the main character conducts, in which she chooses people from the environment as her experimental subjects, comes the understanding that the more the environment she documented and brought to the research space is orderly and limiting, the feeling of freedom and movement of the images she experiments with increases.

In the movie the principle of limited freedom gets new meanings when relating to the society in the state of Israel. The country is full of rules, starting with stoplights and crosswalks, and ending with the army, security checks and blockades. Yet those rules allow the free movement of the people living in it, the freedom to work, to travel from place to place, to shop, to walk in the streets as they would like. Within the context of a western modern environment – freedoms are available and thrive while adhering to rules, and probably could not exist without them.

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