Grandes Alpes

Country: Germany
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2015
Duration: 1 hr 35 min
Director: Andreas Bucher & Anne Weberling
Edition: June 2015-2016
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Andreas and Jörn share a fascination for cycling. Together they plan to travel the historic Route des Grandes Alpes. Corinna and Jörn share love, for each other and cycling. All three of them set out in summer 2013 at Kilometer Zero in France at Lake Geneva to overcome 1.000 kilometer and 23.000 metres in height. A camera crew accompanies them on their journey and does not only capture the beauty of the French Alps, but also the changes that take place inside of the cyclist. The physical strain turns into an emotional challenge. It tells of ambition, overcoming and pride, but also of boundless joy and friendship. Traveling by bike has an impact. What started at zero ends at zero. After ten days all arrive at sea level in Nice. In between lie 26 mountain passes and encounters that show how cycling is lived in France. A declaration of love to bike traveling.

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