Happy Hour Feminism

Happy Hour Feminism Adrian Roman 12mff
winner award
Country: United States
Category: TV-Series
Release date: 2015
Duration: 28 min
Director: Adrian Roman
Edition: July 2015-2016
Official site: http://xofeminist.com/
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Happy Hour Feminism, a comedy talk show where the View meets SNL . The web series examines, through wildly imaginative skits and sharp-edged commentary, the world in reverse…men worrying about their looks and body images and women are on top! Imagine a world where instead of anti-aging solutions, endless progression of diet pills and exercise routines sold to women, we have SOLVE-IT-YOURSELF FACE, LIPO-DRAINING BEER, THE WOLF PILL and STICKY PLASTIC MUSCLE PADS all aimed to beautify men, to turn them into “HOT” specimen for women. We feature THE PASTEL UNDERWEAR CORPORATION, CRUCHI MAN BAGS, MALE MODELS WHO HAPPEN TO BE VIRTUOSO VIOLIN PLAYERS, PARANORMAL TECHNIQUES TO CURE MEN OF THEIR MONTHLY ANGST, and GORGEOUS THIN-AGAIN MEN JUMPING OUT OF PAPER BAGS! ENTER the world of HAPPY HOUR FEMINISM, where women rule the media, the airways, and how men view themselves!

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