short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction, animation, Animation, China
Country: China
Category: Experimental, Animation
Release date: 2013 - August
Duration: 5 min
Edition: August 2017
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Where should I alight? The habitat in air is of such a height, The walls solid but transparent Drifting about with my bed. What are you doing, My downstairs cohabitant? Isn’t anyone whispering Through the walls to me at the moment? My arms stretching out, I reach for that twinkling star, And turn off the light To find it hanging over my head Oh! My bed Where are you drifting? Onto my pillow, Or into the Cappuccino are you swirling. Where should I alight? Nothing for me above, Nor is there roof To shelter me from the night. Only a piece of land is What I need. But The harder I try to reach The farther away it seems to dodge. Where am I? No way to fly higher Verifies I won’t be lower. By a meaningless jump, I’m away heading for nowhere, Just diving deep into my self-sphere.

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