Country: Bangladesh
Category: Drama, Short fiction
Release date: 01.01.2018
Duration: 36:24
Director: Dewan Badal
Edition: September 2019
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Batasi, Mohsin’s wife and also the daughter in-law to Haran Pramanik of the Chalon Beel area is unable to conceive. For that she has to receive a stream of verbal and physical abuse from her husband and mother in-law. Both of them bear grudge against Batasi. Mohsin’s mother always looks dagger at her for no reason. Only Haran Pramanik is of the family is sympathitic and pitiful to her. But he can do nothing against the maltreatment that his wife and son do to Batasi.

The family circumstance compelled Haran Pramanik to set off along with Batashi for her father’s home to send her back there. They sat on a boat which started to ply gently across the deep Chalan Beel. Batasi was not happy for the journy to her father’s residence which is always joyful to the women. The melody of the boatman’s singing in tune with the dipping sound created from oar and water cast a shadow of sadness over her mind. Batasi recalled the sweet moments she spent at Mohsin’s embrace at the early days of their married life. She fainted thinking of the upcoming miseries at her father’s home. But within a very short time she came back to consciousness by the care of  other women in the boat. Again she started to ponder over her adolescence. Over the waves of  the lake Batasi saw the hallucinatory image of one of  her beloved playmates who, many days ago, plunged herself  into the  dark-deep water of Chalan Beel. She imagined as if that intimate playmate was calling her to the lake to have the taste of a new life. Suddenly, Batasi jumped into the deep water and got lost forever.

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