Legacy of King Narak

short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction,
second award
Country: India
Category: Documentary
Release date: November 9, 2017
Duration: 25 min 56 sec
Director: Dr Satyakam Phukan
Edition: December 2017
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In the Hindu mythology, Asura or Asur means demons, considered antithesis of the Gods. Narkasur or Narakasura is one such Asur. In many places in India, Narkasur Chaturthi is celebrated with the burning of demonised effigies of Narkasur. In other places, plays in traditional dance forms enacted, depicting pieces on slaying of Narkasur. But it is a different story altogether, in Assam state of India. This place is intricately associated with the legend of Narakasur, where his personality is treated with respect.

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