Meri Suno – A Short Film on Awareness on Cleanliness

third award
Country: India
Category: Drama, Experimental, Family, Fiction
Release date: 02-10-2016
Duration: 02.59
Director: Subal Soral
Edition: October 2016-2017
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WASTE IS NEVER A WASTE – It is less useful to one person, but never useless to all.

To realize or to explicate for anything, it is said to experience yourself as the one who you are or you want to elucidate. In the short film “MERI SUNO”, the lead character, while seeing other people throwing garbage hither and thither, want them to stop them, but the character want to explain the features of the garbage so he himself consider that he is a garbage himself.
He firstly thinks about what if he is called garbage by someone?  Is he really garbage? Isn’t he having any quality? No. he realizes that whether he is refused by anyone, still he can do many good things, so he evaluate the good quality of less useful things (or what we call a waste or garbage) and tries to explain amongst his friends and to public.
After listening him, his friends enlighten themselves for not throwing the garbage and make people understand the significance of recycling.
“It is not the garbage who splotches the city or country, it is we people who litter the places”.

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