second award
Country: Iran
Category: Drama, Experimental, Screenplay, Short fiction
Release date: 26/9/2019
Duration: 11:06
Director: Baset Zandi
Edition: November 2019
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Motherland refers to the “Promised Land” and is a metaphor for David’s return (‎as the savior of ‎mankind in subtext). However, he finds that in his absence everything has changed, and ‎everything seems to be lost. ‎

‎ The film opens with David having woken from a coma. He’s had a nightmare about his ‎mother’s ‎death. He leaves the hospital to find his mother. However, it’s been years and upon ‎returning home, she is not there. ‎His sister, “Sarah”, has sent him on a ‎fool’s errand and does not ‎give him a clear answer to their mother’s absence. ‎

‎ Eventually, “Djalal”, his stepfather, tells David his ‎mother is dead. But it’s not the truth. At the end of the film, the awful truth is revealed.‎

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