Move Wijnand Geraerts 12mff
Country: Netherlands
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 15 min
Director: Wijnand Geraerts
Edition: July 2015-2016
Official site:
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The video introduces a man who is taking pictures of training machines in a fitness hall. Apparently, he has no further use for the photos and puts them in an old shoe box to completely forget about them. The shoe box now operates as a magic space: the machines become alive and decide to go to the theatre to attend an acrobatic fitness performance. This provides the starting point of a fantasy film sequence consisting of various narratives representing contemporary views on fitness. In contrast to most films MOVE! uses visual language, among which rhythmicity of image (and sound), to give structure to the film.

Narrative 1: Falling

This draws to a great extent upon publicly accessible internet archives featuring balancing and falling people. Many different performances (of dancers, acrobats, tightrope walkers, and so on) are brought together in the sequence to generate a compelling narrative about terrible accidents that may occur as a consequence of serious neglect of the body.

Narrative 2: Terror

As a reaction to the horrible accident at the end of the first narrative, the machines get furious and decide to take over. They establish a reign of terror submitting fitness students to all kinds of exhausting exercises. This, obviously, is a reflection on contemporary developments in the fitness world and beyond, where consumerism and marketing strategies have taken over to constantly produce new regimes to which the body needs to be subjected in accordance with the adage: however fit your body is, you could make it fitter.

Narrative 3: Euphoria

The obsessive and addictive shaping and reshaping of the body is a necessary condition for the ability to absorb the delights and pleasures, known and unknown, to come. Once again, this sequence draws upon publicly accessible internet archives, in this instant of pictures of key historic events in the development and assembling of fitness machines, e.g. inventors, patents, blueprints and so on. It then continues to draw a picture of future machines equiped with intelligent communication systems that address the fitness student (and the viewers) via on-screen graphics and synthetic voice. Gradually the narration becomes more excited and eventually mellows to euphoric.

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