My 89 generation

Country: Poland
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2014
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins
Director: Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan
Edition: November 2015-2016
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MY 89 GENERATION is a crowd-sourcing documentary film, that consists of footage recorded by the characters of the movie themselves: young people born after 1989 (the year when “communism” in Poland ended and the democracy won). We asked them to send us their own films about their lives in different than their parents reality. Out of tens of hours of footage we have chosen our seven main characters, young people striving for their dreams while living through their first loves, betrayals and breakups. These are the stories of Wojtek, Ela, Mikolaj, Martyna, Adam, Lukasz and Malgosia. They are all passion-driven people, who want to make their dreams come true, they seek for love and ways to express their affections and emotions, although they do not always know how to do it properly.

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