My Mafia

third award
second award
Country: Argentina
Category: Music Video
Release date: 2019 - February
Duration: 03 min
Edition: July 2019
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The video recreates the assault on a dairy truck by Victor “El Frente” Vital, who was a young man who stole to give to the most needy. He was shot by a Buenos Aires policeman on February 6, 1999 when he was only 17 years old. The young man became “the saint of the thieves”. All the filming locations are the real ones in the story: the streets, the house, the neighborhood. The clip, filmed in black and white, is a tribute to the marginal and the vulnerable. We focus, then, on those who have nothing, described the artist who wrote the song, Andrés Calamaro, who appears at the end of the video at the young man’s grave in the cemetery of San Fernando.

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