third award
Country: Turkey
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 1 hr 24 min
Director: Pınar Sinan
Edition: August 2015-2016
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İhsan, who works as a nurse aid in a state hospital, is an unsightly introvert who doesn’t communicate with people, keeps following women who are definitely out of his reach, lives in his isolated world that nobody’s interested in; a world of corpses. İhsan sets a connection, which he can’t set with alive people, with dead bodies in mortuary, especially with the young female ones. He talks to them and eventually has intercourse with them.

As the alive women, the nurses in the hospital and his landlady, mean more of distress and humiliation to him with their notorious manners, he feels himself more close the dead until he finds a beautiful corpse in the morgue, he falls in love with her and takes her to his house. After that, he starts struggling to keep the decaying body fresh and beautiful with cosmetics, chemical substances and later with a freezer, and to keep his inquisitive landlady unsuspicious. But at the same time, his unusual love gives him an incredible strength making him an individual, a “living” man. He starts to feel more existant and more human. His underworld becomes more “worldly” as he communicates with people, expresses himself, does daily chores, acts like family man who cares about his house, himself and ofcourse his beloved spouse.

But this immense struggle is interrupted by his landlady, who has been tracing her tenant’s weird actions very closely; she traps him in his flat, treatening him with the police. Therefore, he has to make a choice between running away with the corpse and giving his beloved corpse away.

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