Night Without Shade

second award
Country: Germany
Category: Screenplay
Release date: Dimitri Limpert
Duration: 95 pages
Director: Dimitri Limpert
Edition: November 2015-2016
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JOHNNY, 33, is hitchhiking in order to meet his fiancee. He asks the driver to stop, because he wants to go to the toilet. While he is on the toilet the car drives away with his entire luggage and all of his money. Johnny calls his fiancee and tells her that he has lost all of his belongings and has to find another way to get to her. He continues his way by foot. On his way he passes a gas station. He stops to spend his last coins in his pocket for some food. He notices some rowdies molesting an obviously RICH MAN, 52, who wants to refuel his car. Johnny approaches the crowd. Unintentionally he chases the hooligans away. The rich man goes on to pay the bill for the gas. Johnny wants to leave too, but when he turns around to go on, he sees a purse on the floor: In the turmoil the rich man lost it. He picks it up and turns around to return it to its owner. But after having a look into the purse and seeing all the money that is in it, he stops: It is too much money to give the purse back! Can he resist the temptation? The rich man cannot pay his bill inside, realizing his purse is not in his pocket anymore. He is returning to his car. Johnny sees the man coming up to him, looks at the car and in the very last moment he decides to jump into the car and to steal it to escape with the money.

Johnny, driving in his stolen car, has a bad conscience. Some doubts arouse in him about what he has just done. Was it the right decision? He does not know what to do. He nearly runs over a young woman, VALERIE, 27, who wanted to cross the street. He stops the car to have a look. The girl is not injured, they talk and he agrees to take her to the place she wanted to go, a nearby Motel. At the Motel Valerie asks Johnny to come in and to have a drink or at least wash his hands. Johnny agrees. While Valerie takes a shower, Johnny looks around in the room and stops when his eyes detect a bottle of Whiskey. Valerie seduces him and Johnny stays for the night.
The next morning, Johnny wants to leave while Valerie is still asleep. But Valerie awakens, talks to Johnny and asks him to drop her off at the house of her brother MAX, 42. Johnny agrees again. After arriving at the house of Max, Johnny wants to leave quickly, but Max starts to be jealous during the leave-taking. He smells that something is wrong and questions Johnny. It is revealed that Max is actually not Valerie’s brother, but her lover and also a bandit.

Max pulls Johnny into the house, beats him up heavily, enchains him, takes the purse which he has still on him away and throws it into his own bag, which is already full of money. Valerie protests. Max beats her up too. While he is beating her up, Johnny manages to free himself from his bonds and disappears. After noticing this, Max takes his rifle and looks for Johnny in the house and the yard outside. Johnny surprises Max when the latter appears around a corner, where Johnny was hiding, and he does not hesitate a second to strike Max down with a wooden beam.
Johnny wants to go away quickly. He grasps the bag full of money and in the moment he wanted to open the door, Valerie finds back her consciousness. Seeing Johnny trying to disappear with the bag full of money, she feels deeply disappointed and hurt. She pulls out her little gun and shoots him several times. The injured Johnny crawls on all fours to his stolen car in order to escape. But this time there is no key in the ignition lock. Johnny looks around and scans the surrounding: The keys are in the closed fist of Max. He crawls back to Max to get the keys, than back to the car. He starts the engine, ready to escape, only to discover that the police are already there. He stares at the police. All the officers pull out their guns and point them at Johnny. Johnny stares back.
The End.

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