Ocean Stephanie Maxwell 12mff
winner award
Country: United States
Category: Experimental
Release date: 2014
Duration: 12 min
Director: Stephanie Maxwell
Edition: July 2015-2016
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“Ocean” is a dramatic and powerful choreography of light and motion in the ocean’s ‘swash’ zone, the turbulent area of water that washes in from the sea up on the beach. Filmed in HD in close-up detail on the beaches around Newport, Oregon, sunlight on the moving water and bottom sand reveal the infinitely animated and ever-changing world of visual compositions and events that have a charged, emotive power when presented as distinct variations and themes interwoven with the musical score. The film is lively and sensuous and reveals an extraordinary beauty that is palpable in the most minute and subtle domains along the beach. “Ocean” is an intoxicating experience, where the powerful allure and exquisiteness of the ocean evoke a blissful insight into an undiscovered beauty.

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