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Country: Russia
Category: Feature Fiction, Experimental
Release date: 2015 - December
Duration: 2h 29min
Director: Aleksey Berdennikov
Edition: March 2018
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Find yourself. In this film, the problems of contemporary reality are called into question: what is the soul? Can one escape one’s own fate? Using, as an example, a company of friends, we will see how people’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes differ. Why are people so different? Differences between people create misunderstandings. Even though they all speak the same language, no one is able to understand each other.  If we would reflect on ourselves, what if we saw something terrible? And what is our attitude to others? We always try to show off our superiority, our unique individuality… And who will be the judge?! Fate will judge us. All our behavior, thoughts and words will leave an impact on our lives. Have you ever noticed it?

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